Seawall, Revetment, And Impermeable Groin Construction

There are plenty of options available to you when looking for ways to protect the shoreline of your property. Let the professionals at Walters Marine Construction Inc help you find the best fit. For example, a seawall is constructed on the water's edge out of concrete or large stone and it will bear the full brunt of a wave.

Revetments, on the other hand, are made of broken concrete or riprap to reduce the energy of a wave. Groins jut out from the shore at right angles, and they're for catching sediment, carried by long-shore drift onto their up-current side.

Build A Jetty Or Breakwater On Your Property

A jetty or breakwater might be the best option to protect your property from wave damage. Breakwaters may be connected to the shoreline at one end or completely separate from it. They bear the brunt of the waves to produce calmer water shoreward of the structure.

Jetties, on the other hand, are used to keep a channel open and will be placed on each side of the channel's outlet.
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